Old School “Paladin Magic” 93-94 Rules Update Announcement


On June 12 we announced a ban of the card “Invoke Prejudice” from use in our Paladin Magic format. We also mentioned in that announcement our intention to analyze the other 6 cards and determine their future within our Paladin Magic format which you can read about here.

After spending time researching (inside and out of the OS community) and discussing the fate of these 6 cards, we have decided to move forward with a “depiction ban” of all 7 cards.

We recognize the name/artwork was the focus of the decision from WOTC and we wish to preserve the game mechanics of the cards (as they were not the problem).

What this means is we will allow the cards (including Invoke Prejudice) to be played in Paladin Magic as long as the art/name has been removed/altered in some fashion or proxied.

There are many options for proxies or alters, even non-permanent alters like using a perfect fit sleeve modifying the art & name. See below for further clarity.

Effective 9/1/2020 The following cards are Depiction-banned in Paladin Magic 93-94 for both online and live play:

• Invoke Prejudice

• Cleanse
• Stone-Throwing Devils
• Pradesh Gypsies
• Jihad
• Imprison
• Crusade

You can read about the original banning of these cards by Wizards of the Coast from the entire game of magic here

A depiction ban means the functionality of the cards are allowed – but simply not in their original form. They must be substituted with either an original altered card or an alternative proxy. The elements of these cards which must be changed are their ‘Name’ +  ‘Art box content’. You may not run more than 4 copies of any of these cards regardless of the alternative name you utilize. You can use a perfect fit sleeve and paint, sharpie and just alter that sleeve if you do not want to modify your physical card or print a new one.

Below is an example of what a depiction alternative looks like. You can easily print these off yourself by saving the images. But if you are handy with a computer you can find better source files here Thanks to MTGCuriousities for the shared art!

Any alternative that meets our community standards and does not give you an unfair advantage is completely welcome!