Join us for the Northern Paladins Old School Spring Regrowth 2019!

Format: Eternal Central Old School 93/94, deck construction rules can be found here.
When: Saturday May 11th 2019 – 1pm 1st round parings.
Where: Universe Games Uptown 711 W. Lake Street Minneapolis, MN 55408
Entry fee: $20 preregistration *until May 4th, $25 after
Maximum capacity: 36 players

The tournament will begin at 1pm sharp and be run Swiss + 1 rounds (based on number of players) with final standings and prizes awarded at the completion of the final round of the event. Plan on 5 or 6 rounds of fantastic Old School games! Registration fees are non-refundable and are used for prizes, expenses, and charity!

Please use the pay now button below to register for the event!

Once you have completed registration please send all decklist pictures to by 6pm May 10th.

If you’d like to see the details of the 2019 Northern Paladins Winter Blast you can read the report here

Phone Number
Confirmed Registrants (Updated last 3/28/19 @ 12:36 PM): 1. Joseph Freshwater 2. Michael Angelo Russo 3. Stevi Shively 4. Taylor Quail 5. Colin Meirovitz 6. Daniel Kelly 7. Jon Tschida 8. Jeremy Severson 9. Daniel Hyland 10. David Holler 11. Megan Hyland 12. Jason Freshwater 13. Tom Lee 14. Dana Drew 15. Cameron Beebe 16. Jordan Berg 17. Kevin Berg 18. Marcus Pobloske 19. Jeremy Jones 20. Ryan West 21. Samuel Morreale 22. Jesse Laidlaw 23. Dustin Brossard 24 Jacob Brossard 25. Tony Anderson 26. Joey Carrick 27. Brandon Radke 28. Matt McGuire 29. Tyson Augustin 30.